Decisions, decisions…

12 months, 12 concepts. Which to choose?

I needed to establish some ground rules:

  1. I’m not writing a text book. Therefore I don’t need to start at the beginning, cover a syllabus or wrap everything up in a bow at the end. My approach will be gloriously scattershot.
  2. I owe no allegiance. Education spans philosophy, sociology, psychology, and no doubt a number of other disciplines that end in ‘y’. As far as possible, I’m not going to care which tradition an idea sprang from (although I’m going to stay away from brain chemistry stuff for now).
  3. Better to write something, than nothing. I’m aiming to write something at least once a week. I might not use the right words, or put them in order right the but at least it will be something.

I have some ideas for concepts to start with, but I’ll probabably run out before  the year gets warm. So, I’ve decided to email a number of former colleagues to ask for further suggestions. Hopefully, I’ll have enough to keep me busy.


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